My name is Nick Waterman, and I am a Radio Amateur

Me and KJ operating Field Day 2008
(Me and my daughter at Field day 2008)


VA3NNW, DXCC Canada, ITU 4, CQ Zone 4, Locator EN93rk

G7RZQ, DXCC England, ITU 27, CQ Zone 14, Locator IO91rk (previous)

The rig

Other equipment

My software

I have written a few bits of Amateur-radio related software, including, but not limited to:


I'm also a member of KWARC - the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club, and elected 2009-2013 President, holding various other executive positions, including current treasurer. In Jan 2010 I gave a presentation called An Introduction To CDMA (updated and improved for Elmira Radio Club in Sep 2019). In April 2010 I presented another on PSK31 and WSPR. In Sept 2010 I demonstrated my LED Dance Floor and in Oct 2010 I put together the KWARC QUIZ [244KB PDF] with questions from the exec, Industry Canada, and a few other sources. Several times I've given a presentation about IRLP and our VE3RBM node.

"I am often asked how radio works. Well, you see, wire telegraphy is like a very long cat. You yank his tail in New York and he meows in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? Now, radio is exactly the same, except that there is no cat." -- Albert Einstein